Dots stool
Green concept furniture

CLIENT Personal Project                          YEAR  2024

CATEGORY Chair                                       TYPE  FURNITURE DESIGN

About a decade ago, there was a massive trend among designers for utilizing recycled materials in their designs. While these concepts remain popular and continue to be reinterpreted,
I’ve come to believe that conservation holds more importance than recycling when it comes to such recycled products.
This is because the process of recycling itself often leads to new pollution and energy consumption. Therefore, conservation should be prioritized before recycling.
The concept for the Dots Stool design emerged from these reflections. I pondered on how to produce the maximum number of chairs using minimal materials. Through various tests and designs aimed at finding the optimal efficiency without compromising on comfort, I ultimately crafted the stool at the nexus of these considerations.
As a result, the Dots Stool can be manufactured in approximately 4.5 times the quantity compared to a typical-sized stool, while using the same amount of material.
The notion of a design that seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, while also minimizing production processes and materials, is a profoundly significant value that I believe every designer worldwide should strive for.


Dots stool = 109.5 chair,  Normal stool = 24 chair