Brim Brick
3D printing artwork

CLIENT mmm objet                          YEAR  2023

CATEGORY Objet                              TYPE  PRODUCT DESIGN

Standing but invisible, essential but forgotten. Beautiful nonetheless.
‘Brim’ is the thin supporting base in 3D printing that serves to hold the object structurally stable while printing. Since the invention of 3D printers in the 1980s,
this supportive element were to be disposed of after being detached from the printed object.
However, when one takes a closer look at this 0.2mm thin structure, its beauty starts to reveal itself, even reflecting some aspects of our own lives.
There comes a time in life where we fail to fully realize our beauty and strength and become a supporting role for others. By shinning the spotlight on this often forgotten Brim,
we aim to encourage the viewers to take a chance to look back on themselves and get reminded of ones worth and purpose in life again.

3D 프린팅 예시 이미지, Brim과 Objet는 함께 출력되지만 결국 분리되어 Brim은 버려집니다.
Image of 3D printing in progress. The Brim and Object is printed as one, however the Brim serves no purpose after detachment.

3D모델링 상에서 Brim은 존재하지 않지만 3D printer 프로그램을 통해서 Brim이 설정됩니다.
The Brim does not exist in the virtual model state. It is created by 3D printers program.

Brim Brick은 암수의 끼움구조를 통해 서로 조립이 가능하여 무한대로 확장이 가능합니다.
Each Brim Brick contains a nuts and bolts element and is infinitely expandable upon assembly.

약 6개월 동안 Brim Brick 500여개를 제작하고 그것을 조립하여 오브제 전시를 진행하였습니다.
For about 6 months, about 500 Brim Bricks were produced, assembled, and an object exhibition was held.